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Knife bins in Islington

Knife bins are available in Islington where you can safely dispose of knives, or you can arrange a collection.

Knife bins are a safe and secure place for people to dispose of a knife, blade or tool. This might include anyone who might want to give up a knife they might carry on them that might be used in a crime.

There were 411 knife crime offences in Islington in 2022, 34% fewer than 2018.

We know that we can get more knives off our streets. Every knife gone could be a life saved, so we have installed more knife bins, one each in Mildmay and Holloway.

What they look like

The image shows the front and side of an Islington knife bin.

Knife Bin image

Where you can find a knife bin

There are currently knife bins at the following locations:

  • St Johns Way: outside Caxton House Community Centre
  • Central Street: outside Finsbury Leisure Centre
  • Caledonian Road: outside Cally Pool and Gym
  • Highbury Fields: outside Highbury Leisure Centre
  • Hornsey Road: outside the Sobell Leisure Centre
  • St Mellitus Church
  • Hornsey Road: next to the Emirates stadium
  • On Mildmay Road J/W Woodville Rd
  • Stock Orchard Street (at the junction between Caledonian Rd/North Rd/Hillmarton Rd)

See where knife bins are on the interactive map of Islington.

How to safely dispose a knife in a knife bin

  1. Do not touch or hold the sharp side of the knife blade.
  2. Carefully wrap the knife, blade or tool in cardboard (such as an old cereal box) and use strong tape (such as duct tape/parcel tape) to secure it. Use enough cardboard and tape so the knife doesn't poke through.
  3. Though it is a criminal offence to have a knife or blade in a public place, it is okay to have one when it is securely wrapped and you are taking it straight to a knife bin.
  4. Take the knife, blade or tool to the closest knife bin and carefully place in the hole between the two yellow arrows.

Who provides and empties the bins

Word4Weapons’ is a leading weapons surrender charity who installs and empties the bins.

Book a knife collection

If you can't get to a collection point, we can collect domestic knives. It costs £10.68 for each collection.

To book a collection, please call 020 7527 2000.

More information

Please visit Community Safety for additional information about reducing knife crime in Islington.

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