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Order repairs, help with finding a home and information about your tenancy or lease

  • Pay your rent now

    Have your rent account number and payment card ready.

  • Fire safety in Islington

    Information about our fire safety arrangements and advice on how you can help keep yourself safe

  • Bid for housing

    Find out more about our choice-based lettings scheme, where you can bid for housing if you have 120 points or more.

  • Local Land Charges

    Find out how to get a local land charges search that gives you important details about the property you are buying

  • Vulnerable and disabled residents

    Find out more about the support available to you in your home or if you are looking for a council home.

  • Repairs

    Request a repair, report communal repairs, find out the service standard you can expect

  • You said, we did form

    Tell us how we can improve our housing needs and strategy service.

  • Handypersons scheme

    Islington’s handypersons’ scheme provides help with small repairs around the home.

  • How we are doing as a landlord

    Find out what Islington Council does as a landlord and how well we measure up to national standards