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This statement applies to content published on the Together Greener site including the carbon calculator tool.

This website is run by Islington Council. It is designed to be used by as many people as possible. The text should be clear and simple to understand. You should be able to:

  • Zoom in up to 200% without losing content.
  • View the website on a device with a 320px width screen without losing content.
  • Navigate all of the website using just a keyboard.
  • Listen to the content of the site using screen reading software, including JAWS and NVDA.
  • Clearly see the text against the background colours.
  • Activate all the controls by voice alone.

We’ve also made the website text as simple as possible to understand.
AbilityNet has advice on making your device easier to use if you have a disability.

How accessible is this website

This website is accessible with with following caveats.

  • Screen reader users who cannot see the screen will find the search tab widget difficult to operate and understand.  Whilst screen reader users should be able to find most of the search results, modifying the search results will be very difficult.  
  • Keyboard only users may find operating the search results tab difficult.  This could make finding some search results difficult.
  • One of the navigation menus on the carbon calculator does not have an accessible name.  This means that it will not be read out loud intelligibly by screen reading software. It is not necessary to use the navigation menu however to navigate around the site.
  • Some users may not realise that the search input box can be used to search the site, because there is no label.
  • Keyboard only users who cannot use a mouse may find some of the content is obscured by the navigation menu under certain circumstances.

Technical information about this website’s accessibility

Islington Council is committed to making its website accessible, in accordance with the Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications) (No. 2) Accessibility Regulations 2018.

Compliance status

The Together Greener website and the carbon calculator tool do not meet the WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility guidelines.

Non accessible content

  • 4.1.2 Name role value:  
    • Missing tabpanel role on search tab widget.
    • The state of the tabs (selected or not) is not programmatically determined on the search tab widget.
    • The search tab widget has no accessible name.
    • Missing accessible name of the navigation menu in prior to the question wizard in the carbon pledge tool.
  • 3.3.2 Labels and instructions:  
    • The keyboard shortcuts and operation for the tab search widget is non standard.  There are no instructions for this.
    • The search box has no visible label.
  • 2.4.2 Page title: 
    • When the user changes the sort order on the search results page, this causes the page to refresh.  The page title is not updated to describe the new content.
    • When the user adds more content to the search results by activating the ‘Load more results’ button, the page is refreshed.  The page title is not updated to reflect the new content.
  • 1.3.1 Info and relationships:  
    • On the search page the ‘Go’ button is nor programmatically associated with the ‘Sort by’ drop down menu.  
    • 'You searched for' label not programmatically associated with the search input box.
    • Search results should be marked up as a list.
  • 1.4.13 Content on hover or focus:  Menus open on mouse hover, cover other content and cannot be closed using the keyboard alone.
  • 4.1.1 Parsing:
    • Repeat ids are used on some pages.
    • Repeated attributes on some pages.

 Remediation timescale

We plan to resolve the issues on this website by Friday the 20th of May 2022.

Preparation of this accessibility statement

This statement was prepared on the 12th  of January 2021. 

This website was last tested on 11th of January 2021. The test was carried out by Islington Council using a combination of manual and automated testing using JAWS, NVDA and Dragon Naturally Speaking software.