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Much of the waste generated in the UK comes from businesses. It’s important for companies to commit to reducing the amount of waste they produce to keep costs low while helping to protect the environment.

What are local businesses doing?

Many businesses are taking steps to reduce their environmental impact.

Did you know that Cowcross Street is a Low-Plastic Zone where 50% of the businesses have pledged to reduce the amount of single use plastics by implementing a range of actions?

How to become a low-waste business

Could your business operate in a different way? Consider whether you could adopt a circular economy model and eliminate waste from your processes. Changes you could make might include:

  • Encouraging the use of reusable or paper bags
  • Accepting refillable cups, bottles and containers
  • Using large bottles of condiments, milk etc, instead of small individual portion sizes
  • Selling loose fruit and vegetables
  • Avoiding selling goods in single use or non-recyclable packaging
  • Using washable cutlery rather than disposables

Plenty more ideas are available on the ReLondon website, alongside details of grants available and examples of low and zero waste businesses. ReLondon also offer tailored support for businesses looking to adopt circular economy methods.