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Islington Council is committed to helping local organisations improve their environmental performance and reduce their operating costs through Energising Small Business grant scheme.

What are these grants for?

The grants are for works that will improve the energy efficiency of the premises of your organisation or minimise its carbon emissions. Grants are available of up to £1,500 for measures such as upgrading your lighting to LEDs, and up to £5,000 for replacing a gas boiler with a heat pump.

Is my organisation eligible?

The grant scheme is open to any organisation located in Islington with fewer than 50 staff and a turnover of less than £10m. The funds can only be used for business premises and not homes where a business is based.

Terms and conditions

  • To qualify for the £1,500 grant, measures must be for commercial premises, have an overall value of less than £5,000 and achieve energy savings of at least 20% (Islington Council will calculate the saving for you after you apply), as long as they do not conflict with good energy/environmental practice. For replacing a boiler with a heat pump, Islington Council will fund measures that have an overall value of less than £15,000.
  • Islington Council will not fund work that is necessary to meet legal requirements. If you are installing any measures that require ongoing maintenance, this will be your responsibility to fund.
  • If successful, you will be required to complete a follow-up survey 12 months after your grant award.
  • The funding will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Islington Council will assess your application and then arrange a visit to your premises to discuss it in person and verify the potential works. The Council will then calculate the savings that your project will make to make a final decision on whether to award funding (for the £1,500 grant, you will only be awarded funding if the measures reduce energy use by 20% – e.g., new lighting must use at least 20% less energy than the existing lighting).
  • You must provide two quotes for the works. Funding will be awarded for the lower quote, up to a value of £1,500 (or up to £5,000 for a heat pump).
  • If you are successful, the funds must be spent within six months of receiving the money and you must supply the council with copies of relevant invoices for the work within this time. Once you have notified the council that the works are complete, an officer will visit your premises to validate the fact that the works have taken place.
  • If you do not carry out the works or do not provide the council with copies of relevant invoices within the six-month time, you must repay the money to the council. If you spend less than you were awarded, you must repay the difference.

Apply now

Complete the Energising Small business application form for consideration. By submitting an application, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined above.

Apply for an Energising Small Business Grant