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By switching your home energy supplier, you will save money and help address the climate emergency. Switching energy suppliers is easier than you might think! 

How to switch your energy supplier

Every time you approach the end of your tariff, you should review your tariff and energy supplier. Although exit fees often apply if you want to move tariffs before your deal ends, in some cases you can still save money even with paying the exit fees, so it’s always worth checking.

We recommend three sites as they are part of the Ofgem accreditation scheme for price comparison websites. Each site makes it easy to view green tariffs and to see if a supplier offers the Warm Home Discount.

First find the right supplier:

Secondly, filter options:

  • Filter your results to only show ‘green plans,’ ‘green tariffs’ or ‘green energy’. This ensures your new supplier offers 100% renewable electricity.
  • Filter your results to include ‘plans that require switching directly through the supplier’, ‘no’ to show only tariffs through the price comparison website or ‘show all deals in the market.’ This may mean you need to go directly to a supplier to switch instead of through the price comparison website, but it ensures you find the best deal for you.
  • If you receive the £150 Warm Home Discount, only some suppliers that offer this discount. Please check the energy supplier list to make sure the supplier you switch to offers the discount. Be aware that if you use the discount, it may not be cheaper for you to change supplier.
  • When choosing your new supplier, consider customer service ratings provided by Which?

Considerations when switching

If you are a pensioner, disabled or long-term sick you should also sign up to the Priority Services Register with your new supplier which will offer you a range of free services.

If you have an old first-generation smart meter, you may lose the in-home display functionality and the ability to send automatic meter reads to your new supplier. However, you can still switch , but you may need your new supplier to install a new second generation meter to regain its functionality.

If you are on a pre-pay meter, you may wish to switch to a credit meter before changing suppliers to save more money. Visit the Citizens Advice website for more information.

If you have an Economy 7 meter, you can find out more about Economy 7 meters and if they’re right for you on the Centre for Sustainable Energy website.

You may also be eligible for support for Islington’s award-winning SHINE energy advice service, which can help support with switching tariffs, reduce utility bills, tackle energy debt, and ultimately stay well and warm. Visit SHINE to see if you are eligible or call freephone 0800 953 1221.

Affordable green energy for London

London Power is a partnership between the Mayor of London and Octopus Energy. It was launched to provide fair, affordable, green energy to all Londoners with any profits reinvested into social and environmental programmes within London.

They promise that once your contract is finished, they will move you onto the cheapest similar plan, so you do not need to pay any more than you need to. This means you will always be on a competitive green tariff.

Find out more by visiting or call 0808 168 8145.

The greenest option

Some energy suppliers are considered ‘greener’ than others by providing greater levels of support for the development of renewables industry.

Research conducted by CSE, Energy Saving Trust and Which? has identified three companies as the greenest energy:

Time-of-use tariffs

A time-of-use tariff offers cheaper electricity prices when demand on the grid is low. They are best suited to those who own an electric vehicle and can charge during periods of low demand, or those have more flexible lifestyles meaning they can shift their consumption more easily. Visit the Energy Savings Trust website for more information.

Solar panel owners

If you have solar panels or are thinking of having them installed on your property, you may want to consider switching to a supplier that offers the smart export guarantee (SEG). With an SEG, you get paid for all the solar power that you supply into the electricity grid. You can find more details about the scheme on the Energy Saving Trust website.