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Volunteering in local parks

Islington Council runs volunteering sessions in parks. Everyone is welcome and no previous experience is necessary.

Volunteering in an Islington park is a great way to meet new people, improve your physical and mental wellbeing, gain practical skills and get involved with your local community.

Volunteering sessions can also be arranged for corporate groups.

Friends of groups

Many parks in Islington have a 'friends of' group. The aim is to help look after the park and run activities to involve the local community. If your local park doesn’t have a friends group and you would like to set one up, we can provide you with help and guidance. To find out more, email or visit The Friends of Parks Forum.

Community food growing

Some of our parks have opportunities for community food growing projects. There are also more than 50 gardening groups on housing estates in Islington, many of which are growing food in communal areas.

If you live on a housing estate, contact your Tenants and Residents Association (TRA) or the communities team at

Some of the community growing projects in Islington are organised by Octopus Community Network.


You can help street trees in times of drought by watering them using water that usually goes to waste. Grey water from washing up, bathing or car washing are all appropriate, as soap in the water does not damage trees. Rainwater you've collected is also good to use.

Some residents in the borough enjoy volunteering to plant up and look after tree pits. These are areas around the base of trees that can sometimes be planted with flowers to brighten up streets and attract wildlife such as bees and butterflies.