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Switching your energy supplier is one of the easiest ways to cut energy bills and even better – switching to a renewable energy supplier will reduce your carbon footprint.

Shop around

For a quick and simple way to switch, you could use the Big Clean Switch service, which is one of the many energy brokers available that can help you switch. Big Clean Switch only work with pre-checked renewable energy providers.

The Carbon Trust provides a more comprehensive Business Energy Procurement and Green Tariff Guide that can help you switch to a renewable energy provider. Not all tariffs are equal, and you should check your new supplier provides 100% renewable electricity as part of its annual fuel mix disclosure as a minimum.

Go the extra mile

You can take a further step by making sure the energy company sells both the renewable electricity and Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO) certificates – part of a certification scheme run by the energy regulator Ofgem that proves the electricity came from a renewable source. This will show the supplier is doing more to support the renewable energy industry. Suppliers can buy the REGO certificates which show their fuel mix is 100% renewable without having to purchase the renewable electricity.

You could also look into buying green gas. Green gas is biomethane that has been fed into the gas grid. Biomethane is produced either through the breakdown of organic materials such as food, landfill gas or the gasification of biomass. Only a few companies sell green gas, and they are similarly certified through Renewable Gas Guarantee of Origin (RGGO) certificates.