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When things break, we often throw them away and buy something new. Every item that we buy has its own carbon footprint and environmental impact directly linked to its production and transportation. When we discard an item, we create more waste, and more carbon gets released as a result of waste management. Consider repairing items instead of replacing them.

Did you know, 69% of Londoners admitted that they would fix more of their things if they knew how?

What you can do

  • Learn how to fix and repair broken items. If you feel lost and don't know how to start, you are not alone. Have a look at this beginners' guide to fixing your broken things.
  • There are several textile upcycling and repair events taking place in Islington over the next few months - why not find out more and come along!
  • Contact a local repair service if you have a broken electrical item that is too difficult for you to repair.

Repairing can also save you money by not having to replace things that you could repair. It might just need a fuse, a new electrical cord, or a screw tightened. You can do that!