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In the UK, recycling is estimated to save more than 18 million tonnes of carbon dioxide a year – the equivalent of taking five million cars off the road. Recycling plays a vital role in reducing carbon emissions and we can all recycle more than we realise. Almost 70% of what we throw away in black bags and dustbins can be recycled into new materials or composted.

Islington Council makes it easy for you to recycle by providing residents with either a door-to-door collection, kerbside, or communal facilities.

Why should I recycle?

  • It helps conserve and protect natural habitats for the future, and prevent deforestation. For example, it is better to recycle aluminium cans than mine for bauxite that is used to produce aluminium, as mining causes air and soil pollution.
  • It saves energy and helps to reduce the future effects of global warming. Recycling aluminium for example saves up to 95% of energy needed to produce new aluminium products.
  • It helps in the conservation of non-renewable resources such as fossil fuels.
  • It reduces the amount of waste for disposal.

Upcoming recycling and reusing events in Islington

You can visit our reduce and reuse page to see our upcoming events to help you save money and the environment by repairing and upcycling your old clothes, furniture, and electrical equipment. 

What can I do?

  • Be mindful of the objects you throw away in black bags that could be recycled.
  • Place a recycle bin in every room in your home or set up a recycling system at home that will capture everything you can recycle.
  • Find out what services are offered and how you can recycle at your address.
  • Check your collection day and where recycling containers are/should be left.
  • If you have a garden, you can subscribe to the council's Garden Waste Scheme.
  • Buy recycled products to help reduce the amount of waste produced.
  • Avoid products with excessive packaging and be savvy at the shops.
  • Use a bag for life and remember to take the bag with you!
  • Review your use of single use plastic and invest in a refillable bottle or containers.
  • Take electrical items to drop off points or arrange a bulky waste or free collection – find out the locations of the drop-off points and how to arrange a collection on the council website. If you've wondered how these are recycled, check out the video below: