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Get involved

If you’re interested in getting involved, consider volunteering in a local group:

  • Octopus Communities provides a community of practice and developmental skills for Islington’s community hubs to promote community work and community development.
  • Islington Environmental Alliance brings together Islington residents, business owners, subject matter experts, environmental campaigners, religious leaders, organisations and community groups from across the borough to assist Islington Council to meet their Net Zero Carbon 2030 Strategy objectives.
  • Islington Food Partnership is a broad coalition of local organisations and individuals working together to ensure everyone in Islington eats enough healthy food each day.
  • Islington Clean Air Parents is a network of parents and carers working together with relevant authorities to reduce air pollution and create a healthy clean air environment for all children across the borough.
  • Transition Highbury is a group of local citizens working to help each other, and others, to live more sustainably.
  • Cultivating Cally is a community project to turn the grey tarmac of Freeling Street into a green oasis for all to enjoy.
  • Power Up North London is a non-profit community organisation that enables local people to tackle climate change by delivering renewable energy projects.

You may also want to contact Voluntary Action Islington (VAI). VAI offers a wide range of services for local organisations, small groups, and volunteers at all stages of their development. If you are interested in volunteering, they can offer support and advice as well as helping you find a volunteering opportunity.